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I wonder why some lesbians feel they have to be more masculine than feminine or why one of the woman in the relationship has to be more dominant. Ofcoarse there is nothing wrong with that, and I’m not discriminating against those that fall into that category. I’m just asking because I want to see other people opinion on this subject….


The looks

Being a feminine lesbian dating another femm I tend to get starred at a lot by others in Public. People really arent used to seeing to femms together. I always try to ignore it, and go on about my buisiness but it does get hard. It seems society is more accepting to masculine/femm relationships, although this is just a guess but I would like to know what you all think so please submitt your comments bellow and let me know what you think…Image


I wanted to start this blog to show support for femm on femm lesbian relationships because we stand out as a minority in the LGBT Community. My goal is to blog about different issues through stories, articles, group disscussions, and videos. Also I plan on doing different local group events, and activities to bring feminine lesbians together. So please reaImaged my blog, spread the word. Join the group femz4femz on facebook, and follow me on twitter.